Throughout all of our productions and events the one constant concern of all our clients is safety.

Our first port of call for each and every one of our productions be it large or small, is a risk management plan. We analyse each and every possible situation, then create the production with these elements in mind. This not only ensures a safe and smooth production it also offers piece of mind for our cast, our crew and you our clients..

Adrenalin Productions can offer these services independently for your production.

For more information, please refer to our OHS policy document, which is oart of our greater OHS Management System.


Risk Management

Analysing your vision, offering and implimenting the best alternatives and protocols, to carry out each task that is required, in the safest possible way to get any job done

we can Even help you in developing your own OHS management system for all you ongoing events for the future

Jon Heaney is a qualified Certificate IV Occupational Health and safety officer.

Safety Reports

We can offer you a written reports of the proposed event to help you budget and set your own guidelines before you start.

We inspect the site, analyze your script and make suggestions to help you create your event safely and effectively..

Safety Supervisors

We can supply experts to watch over your event and maintain a high level of safety in the areas that may need special attention.

We watch your back when you're too busy to do it -

We allow you to do the job you need to do, without worrying about anything else.

Our team of safety professionals will stay one step ahead of you, so as not to slow things down or get it the way.

The men and women that work with the Adrenalin Productions team are the most qualified in their field, and this level of expertise evokes an element of confidence rarely available in industry today.